A Mormon and a Southern Baptist at Liberty University

Glenn Beck (Fox News)             Paige Petterson (SBTS)

Incredible! Christianity Today website shared recently the following  strange piece of news:

Glenn Beck, the Mormon hero of Fox News, who urged recently all Christians to leave their churches if they preach on social justice


Paige Patterson, one of the architects of the fundamentalist take over of the Southern Baptist denomination in the US

will be the main speakers at the commencement (graduation) ceremony on 15 May at Liberty University, in Virginia, which boasts to be ‘the largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world’. You may find the news also on the website of the university.

This is mind bogging. I try to imagine on the podium the ‘Trinity of Liberty’: Glenn Beck, the Mormon champion of the Religious Right,
Paige Patterson
, the Patriarch of Fundamentalism and
Ergun Caner
(head of Liberty Seminary), the ‘Prophet’ of Islamofobia.

It’s a match made in … [add your choice of words here].

The end (of promoting conservatism=fundamentalism- justifies the means (using a loud-mouthed Mormon, who can swear better than any fundamentalist). If that is what being a conservative means, then this is the last time I am going to use that word to describe myself.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “A Mormon and a Southern Baptist at Liberty University”

  1. Funny to read a tweet be “notRickWarren” (fake twitter account)

    “There is more outrage of a PDL Baptist speaking at a Baptist led DSG than a Mormon speaking at a Baptist university.”

    And there’s more

    “Fun fact: After Beck speaks at LIberty University more Mormons will have addressed Liberty grads than Lutherans.”

    Should we laugh?


  2. A-l descrie pe Patterson potrivit evangheliei dupe Wikipedia e-un fel de Patterson-phobia. Vinatorile africane apar ca un fel de “pacat care duce la moarte”… pacat pe linga care palesc subtilitatile altor teologi/ierarhi progresisti cu care acestia adapteaza Biblia la toate apucaturile necrestinesti ale epocii. Daca ar fi gasit argumente pro-gay, pro ordinarea femeilor si Dumnezeu stie pro-cine, Patterson putea trece drept un individ simpatic… dar asa… fereste-te de omu’ rosu Harap Alb.
    In ce-i priveste pe cei de la Liberty, probabil au luat-o si ei pe ulei. Puteau sa-l invite pe Britt Hume (Fox News) care a avut curaj sa-l sfatuiasca pe Tiger Woods (budist) sa vina la Hristos… Invitatie ce-a infuriat presa liberala, ca si cind libertatea cuvintului n-ar fi ceva liberal.

    PS- cu ocazia asta am aflat si eu cine era cel ce-a speriat Institutul Emanuel potrivit unor postari mai veci.


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