Missing Human Rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng Confirmed ‘Alive’

On 2 October 2009 I was writing on this blog about the arrest of the Chinese Christian dissident Gao Zhisheng. Since then, his wife and children, who live in the US have not heard from him. There were rumors that he was tortured and even killed by the Chinese secret police. Knowing the cruelty of the Chinese ‘democratic’ government, such rumors were very plausible.

Today, however, I have received news that he is alive. Thanks be to God. Here is the announcement from the ChinaAid web site:

On Sunday, March 28, 2010, missing human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng spoke to his wife and children for the first time in over a year, confirming he is still alive. False rumors of his death, torture, and escape from the custody of the Chinese Government have shrouded Gao’s absence with mystery. Gao’s brief phone conversations with western media on Sunday mark the first official contact the public has had with him since his abduction by police on February 4, 2009.

Over the phone, Gao informed AP and Reuters reporters that he had been released from detention six months ago, and had taken up residence at Wutai Shan mountain, a Buddhist landmark in northern Shanxi province. He refused to give details on his condition, saying he could not legally give interviews. Read on…

I also recommend the site Free Gao.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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