Israelis Uprooting Olive Trees in Palestine

Happened: 3 March 2010, in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem

Purpose: Bringing Palestinians to despair, so that they leave and let the land at the disposal of Zionists.

* * *

Note: The video is back in business. They have just deleted a few letters from the address. Which means WordPress is not totally safe. Not that I was as naive to think that it is.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

8 thoughts on “Israelis Uprooting Olive Trees in Palestine”

    1. Acum ma tem ca nu-l mai poti vedea nici pe You Tube.
      Evident, asta n-are nimic de-a face cu pirateria electronica a propagandistilor de la Mosad.
      Daca vrei, iti pot trimite filmul atasat, ca l-am downloadat deja.


      1. L-am văzut pe youtuble. Rămân la părerea enunţată anterior: orcii lui Saruman dezrădăcinând copacii din Isengard! Numai că aici nu e ficţiune. E o realitate dureroasă.


    1. Da, au intrat la treaba hackerii israelieni si nu se mai poate vedea filmul nici pe You Tube..
      Dar nu-i nimic, pun imediat mai multe linkuri la alte actiuni ‘umanitare’ de acest gen ale armatei israeliene.


  1. E oarecum trist că nu au învăţat proverbul…ce ţie nu îţi place altuia nu face…au avut o viaţă grea ca şi naţiune dar nu prea au învăţat nimic din asta


  2. It is a SAD situation.

    If only these Palestinian Christians would get more support (moral and otherwise) from the rest of Western Christianity.

    Sad that their struggles for justice and equality is not even seen by the Pro-Israel-at-all-costs American and Danish Christians.

    For many of them, as was the case for myself, there exists no Christians on the other side (Palestinian/Arab side).

    And … not many know that the same government they are supporting, the secular state government of Israel, has restrictive and sometimes outright discriminatory policies AGAINST western Christians (especially the proselytizing/evangelicistic ones).

    GO FIGURE !!! Why support a government and its policies … ??


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