Ergun Caner admits he “became an idiot”

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The president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary has apologized for calling the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board a liar, saying he got carried away in an interview while criticizing a mission strategy used to evangelize Muslims.

In a Feb. 24 podcast on the SBC Today website, Ergun Caner, a former Muslim turned Southern Baptist who has written extensively labeling Islam a false religion, defended earlier statements critical of a strategy called the Camel Method.

The method uses verses from the Quran to convince Muslims that what the Christian Bible says about Jesus is true. Caner said that is like using the Book of Mormon as a bridge to someone in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But Caner said he “became an idiot” and “stepped over the line” in a Feb. 3 SBC Today podcast with comments picked up by other media accusing IMB President Jerry Rankin of lying by allowing missionaries to use the method in engaging church-planting movements in the Muslim world. Read on…

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Caner’s accusation that the head of SBC IMB is a ‘liar’ is discussed HERE.


Ergun Caner admits: ‘ …I “became an idiot” and “stepped over the line”‘…
And what’s new with that? We knew that already, for a long time now. It is good to see his admission to it, but, unfortunately, that will not make any difference.
In these troubled times, the self-defined ‘idiot’ will continue to muddle the waters betwee…n Christians and Muslims with such stupid statements.
And he calls this the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ’. I am afraid we do no believe in the same Gospel and his aggressive and intolerant ‘god’ is not the God I worship.
With such ‘friends’, who needs enemies. As we say in Romania, ‘Lord, protect me from ‘friends’; I can easily protect myself from enemies’.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “Ergun Caner admits he “became an idiot””

  1. Personal cred ca metoda Camel e acceptabila. Daca acceptam C4 si C5 (cu stingere de inima) si iudaismul mesianic ( cu semne de intrebare) de ce n-am accepta si metoda Camel. N-am auzit de vreo metoda necriticabila mia ales de catre dusmani.
    Sunt de-acord cu Caner ca Ap. Pavek n-a avut probleme sa le vorbeasca despre Iisus ex-abrupto dar pt ca nu traiesc in mediul musulman nu pot sa fac pe fundamentalistu’ cu oameni aflati in situatii atit de grele.
    Ce Malaiezia cred ca exemplu e pus putin gresit, desi interesant exemplu. Daca memoria nu ma inseala, Curtea Suprema de-acolo a admis folosirea in Biblie a termenului Alah, desi e-adevarat ca Crestinii fura dati in judecata pt asta.


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