The Google Wave Revolution

I have received today, from my virtual friend RomGabe an invitation to get a Google Wave account. I asked for it and I wait. I’ll tell you what it is about. It promises to revolutionise Email. Let’s see.

Until then, if you are interested, read an article about it on the CNN site. You may find it HERE. You may also see below a short video about it.

If you have more time, here is a longer video.


4 thoughts on “The Google Wave Revolution

  1. I can’t wait to start a WAVE soon. My Wave Account already showed me WHOM from my Gmail Address Book contacts has a Wave Account.

    NOTE: You have to REQUEST an account from Google and wait for them to write you back. To do this you can go to

    It may help to write something personal (why you would benefit) and at what leve you would use it (just to wave or also to report bugs).

    Shall we start a wave?


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