Joe Biden – Nimic despre tine fara tine


Vicepresedintele american Joe Biden a vizitat joi 22 octombrie Bucurestiul, in cadrul unui turneu in Europa Centrala si de Est, menit sa tempereze temerile unora dintre statele din zona cu privire la faptul ca renuntarea la sistemele antiracheta planuite a fi fost amplasate in Polonia si Cehia, in epoca Bush, ar putea slabi securitatea acestora mai ales in raport cu Rusia.

Biden a multumit autoritatuilor de la Bucuresti pentru sustinerea fara rezerve a modificarii planurilor legate de aceste sisteme de securitate si le-a asigurat ca administratia americana nu va face niciodata planuri pentru aceasta zona in care cei afectati sa nu fie imlicati. Sau, in cuvintele lui, “nimic despre tine, fara tine.”

Sa speram ca aceasta promisiune, care reflecta o indepartare de politica unilaterala promovata de administratia republicana, va fi si respectata.

Mai multe detalii despre aceasta vizita AICI si AICI.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

5 thoughts on “Joe Biden – Nimic despre tine fara tine”

  1. Romania si alte tsari dn Europa au dreptul sa-si urmeze calea pe care o doresc. Promisiunea lui Biden e goala. Mesajul a fost transmis de mult; din timpul campaniei electorale cind Obama a promis abandonarea scutului pt promisiuni din partea Kremlinului. Moscova a intseles incurajarea. AM urmarit politica Moscovei de multi ani. Ma indoiesc ca se va schimba. Si n-are nici un motiv s-o faca. USA abandoneaza din nou Europa de Est.


    1. Some fictional changes to Joe Biden’s speech:
      “The maxim we live by is clear:
      NOTHING about you without you. And I would argue”, for the next four years we will focus on the first word.
      Just between us: you are in NATO because of Bush. Period. Read my lips: B-U-S-H. Are most of Romanians thankful for that? Are you kidding me, are you??
      “We no longer think in terms of what we can do for Central Europe, but rather in terms of what we can do WITH Central Europe”. Actually, let me think for a second… Russia wants it back… We can do it slowly, very slowly… Everything depends on you. You smart asses, just keep on bitching about the American imperialism. Are you kidding me, are you??
      “Missile defense is not about Russia. Our approach is driven by security requirements of the United States and our NATO allies, period. Period”. Whoops… I misplaced the period. Everybody stand up, come on… everybody stand up for the Misplaced Period. Make room for the Misplaced Period, come right up here, after United States. Are you kidding me, are you??
      “You can help guide Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine along the path of lasting stability and prosperity. It’s your time to lead. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus can benefit from your personal experiences”. By the way, have you noticed that I did not mention any Central European countries? Are you kidding me, are you??
      Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula is quite famous in United States. Sorry Mr. President, but why don’t you elect Dracula as president? I’m sure he won’t need twenty years to take care of business. What’s wrong with you people?
      I’ve been told that Dracula can stay busy, for a month at least, just in the Senate. Excuse me, Staff, am I still in Europe or am I in Middle East??
      “Thank you very, very much. It’s been an honor to be here”. It’s been a pleasure to get some fresh air after being so long at a secure location…


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