Brother Lawrence and the Practice of the Presence of God


The Christian History newsletter is dedicated to Brother Lawrence (1614-1691), un unlikely famous mystical writer. His book Practicing the Presence of God is read and appreciated by Christians in all traditions.

He was a simple brother in a Catholic monastery (he has never received the tonsure, as a monk, because he felt he is not worthy of that), serving most of his life in the kitchen of the monastery, although he hated cooking. However, he was happy and contented, because his life motto was “I pick up a straw for the glory of God”.  His very holistic, down to earth type of spirituality is still very attractive to many Christians today. Please read HERE the feature article.

In the early 1990s, when we have created Logos Publishers in Cluj, Romania (an Evangelical publishing house), the translation of this book was one of our first projects. I was glad to see that it was a best seller for a long time, which proves that the value of true spiritual writings trnscends ages and denominations. The book seems to be out of print at Logos, but may be found HERE, probably in another translation.

If you have not read this book yet, if is worth a try. It is a small one, so even those who find it difficult to read books these days may swallow it quite easily. Enjoy! And Practice!

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

4 thoughts on “Brother Lawrence and the Practice of the Presence of God”

  1. Lectura cărții Fratelui Laurențiu a fost o mică revelație personală.

    Am întâlnit-o pe doamna care a tradus cartea pentru Logos – și care, în prezent, lucrează ca profă de română într-un liceu industrial din Oradea. Am fost foarte surprins când am constatat că era foarte surprinsă că cineva aprecia cartea pe care o tradusese ea cu multă vreme în urmă.

    După câte se pare, cartea este „predestinată” să beneficieze doar de un interes minoritar, de subsol. Aș zice că, într-un fel, e straniu, dat fiind faptul că toți ne lăudăm că vrem să „creștem în credință”.

    Am un reproș pentru Logos (pe care l-am comunicat editorului-șef): că i-au schimbat titlul. Dar marketingul la multe decizii ne mai împinge.


  2. i love this book.
    Citesc de mai mult[ vreme postările dvs. Apreciez foarte mult dechiderea și decența. Cât despre cartea fratelui Laurențiu este una dintre favoritele mele.


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