Biserica arsa in Punjab, Pakistan

church in Sialkot

Biserică romano-catolică arsă recent în Punjab

Vineri 11 septembrie, un grup violent de musulmani a pus foc unei biserici în satul Jaithikey, aproape de Sialkot, în Punjab. Este tocmai zona pe care am vizitat-o în timpul călătoriei mele în Pakistan din acest an.

Iată povestea, tragică şi atât de tipică acestei zone:

Aid to the Church in Need reported today that this violence was sparked by a Muslim mother who was angered at her 18-year-old daughter’s romantic relationship with a Christian classmate.

The woman, who was determined to break up the three-year relationship, allegedly ripped a page out of a book containing verses of the Quran, and threw the pages down in front of the young man’s house.

Then, she went to the local Muslim authorities and accused the youth of desecrating the sacred book of Islam, in violation of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

The aid agency noted that the country’s penal code gives life imprisonment as the maximum sentence for desecrating the Quran.

The violence against the Christians was thus interpreted as an act of revenge in response to this accusation.

A mob armed with bricks, stones and sticks poured kerosene on the church before lighting it aflame and desecrating it.

They also attacked two Christian homes next to the church and threatened to kill residents of village, which is located in the Sialkot district of the Punjab province.

Father Andrew Nisari, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Lahore, where the village is located, told the aid agency, “All the priests told the Christians to run away from the village otherwise the mob would kill everybody.”

These Christians are currently taking refuge in other towns. The 19-year-old man who was accused of the crime was taken to prison during the police investigation.

Father Nisari stated: “People are very frightened and upset by what has happened.

“We are actually glad that the 19-year-old boy is in jail at the moment — at least there he will be safe. It means he won’t be killed by the fanatic Muslims.”

However, AsiaNews reported today that the young man, named Fanish, was executed Monday night in prison.

This morning, the youth’s body was found lifeless with signs of torture on it. [detalii AICI]

This attack, the fourth of its kind in three months, has motivated the aid agency and other Christian leaders in Pakistan to call for the repealing of the country’s blasphemy laws.

(Mai multe detalii AICI, AICI şi AICI.)

Robert Danish

Robert Danish alias Falish Masih
Pakistan Christian Post)

În prezent fac eforturi masive pentru a trimite prin intermediul World Vision un ajutor creştinilor persecutaţi din Pakistan.

Închei cu apelul făcut recent de un preot catolic din acea ţară către comunitatea creştină internaţională:

“I urge all the Christians in the world to pray for us who are persecuted in Pakistan. We need your prayers right now.”

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Biserica arsa in Punjab, Pakistan”

  1. Si in provincia Jammu Nadu & Kashmir e la fel. La mine la biserica vine un frate din Pakistan , care ne-a povestit de suferintele prin care trec crestinii de la el din provincie. E aceeasi poveste : un musulman acuza un crestin de blasfemie , bandele de musulmani ard bisericile si casele crestinilor .
    Mi-ar placea sa vad o reactie ferma din partea ONU in aceasta problema . Si ca Organizatia Conferintei Islamice sa le traga o mustrare zdravana ,,fratilor ” din Pakistan. Si chiar sa ii dea afara pe pakistanezi din organizatie pana cand inceteaza atacurile asupra crestinilor. Ar fi dovada ca , comunitatea musulmana internationala nu aceepta extremistii in randurile ei.


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