Turkish Martyrs Killed by Conspirancy

In April 2007, five young men tortured and killed two Turkish converts and a German Christian at a Christian publishing house in the southeastern city of Malatya. When the resulting trial began in January 2008, the court and the Turkish public regarded it as a straightforward case of overzealous nationalists killing missionaries, whose activity was widely regarded as a national threat.

But in recent months, lawyers have tied the case to a more serious national threat. Prosecutors have expanded their investigation beyond the five assailants to local officials. The murders are now seen as a plot by the “deep state” group Ergenekon, a cabal of generals, politicians, and other prominent figures accused of trying to overthrow the government. Ergenekon is already accused of plotting a national coup and killing several people, including a Catholic priest.

(Read HERE the rest of this article. And HERE the initial article about this hideous crime.)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Turkish Martyrs Killed by Conspirancy”

  1. E ciudat cum se repeta istoria, in aceeasi regiune unde acum 2000 de ani sute de mii de crestini au murit pt. Christos , astazi martirajul devine din nou prezent. Sa speram ca cei care au facut aceste crime vor fi arestati si pedepsiti si ca in cele din urma se vor cai si se vor intoarce la Donnul


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