What on Earth Are We Here For – on missions

The PDF text posted below was presented at a seminar prepared for the Cultural Awareness Weekend organised in 30 April 2004 by Areopagus Centre for Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture in Timisoara, Romania. We have left the text unmodified, even if the examples given do not make much sense for most readers.

What on Earth Are We Here For

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “What on Earth Are We Here For – on missions”

  1. O sa-ti rapesc ceva spatiu cu niste ganduri dupa lectura textului indicat de tine. Mi-a clatit putin creierul de zorzoanele intalnite aiurea pe bolborosfera.

    1.Money and missions – an uneasy partnership

    Nu si cand folosesti resursele proprii : timp, energie, atentie. Toate astea inseamna tot bani in ultima instanta

    2.Context and missions – ‘do you love me as I am?’

    Nu vrei sa-l schimbi pe celalalt. Vrei sa-i dai apa pentru ca-i e sete

    3.Earning the right to serve – who do you think you are?

    Ai dreptul sa dai exact ce ai si tu nimic in plus

    4.Empowering vs. dependence – working yourself out of the job

    Vezi mai sus. Cand ai terminat resursele stinge lumina. Daca nu te consideri ca fiind tu insuti Lumina

    5.Double missionary accountability – to your home base and to the local believers

    Nu lasa “chemarea” sa-ti strice familia

    6.The Church and the churches – working for the unity of the body of Christ

    Tu si Aproapele formati o biserica – aproapele poate fi oricat de departe geografic

    7.The field is larger than you think – the social responsibility of the missionary

    Vezi treaba cu apa de mai sus : e la fel de mareata ca si o bomba tip Billy Graham

    8.Missionary responsibility – what will you leave behind?

    Un om care spune ca-ti datoreaza viata e cea mai mare realizare pe care o poti avea

    9.Missionary humility – don’t take yourself too seriously; He could do it (maybe even better)
    without you

    El prefera sa faca treaba cu tine : pentru asta e Familia

    10.Missionary dignity – He has chosen to make you his partner

    Vezi 9.


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