The Invitation – Dialogue with the Decalogue – UPDATE!

Invitation - Decalogue

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to announce that the Geneva authorities have given their approval for the [Liviu Mocan] sculpture to be exhibited in the main Parc des Bastions during the month of July, so we are due to install it on 29th-30th June, as part of the Calvin09 celebrations.

Meanwhile in Romania, the casting of the ten columns in fibreglass is under way even as I write, and Liviu is very pleased with the progress so far. The other main piece of the sculpture, a broad metal base ring which will lie flat on the ground and provide the support for each column, will be made towards the end of this month.

Here in Geneva, we are preparing for a vernisage, or “unveiling” of the sculpture, on Thursday 2nd July at 5pm. If your are near Geneva on that day, we would be delighted if you could attend; I will write to you nearer the time with an invitation.

Thank you for your continued support in prayer; please pray for the completion of the actual sculpture and its shipping to Geneva next month; also for the preparation of posters, brochures, and other communication pieces to attract people to the sculpture and explain what it’s about!

For the patronage committee,

Jonathan Tame

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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