John Tipei – Noua aparitie editoriala


John Tipei, Rectorul Institutului Teologic Penticostal din Bucureşti si-a publicat recent teza de doctorat la University Press of America.  Domnul Tipei este, de asemenea, episcop ordinat al confesiunii penticostale Church of God [Biserica lui Dumnezeu].

Teza, cu titlul The Laying on of Hands in the New Testament: Its
Significance, Techniques, and Effects
a fost pregătită şi susţinută la Sheffield University, unul dintre cele mai importante centre de cercetare biblică din Marea Britanie.

Iată o scurtă prezentare a cărţii, semnată de Rev Canon Professor Dr Loveday Alexander:

John Tipei deals in a careful and historically-sensitive manner with a wide range of evidence for the practice of the laying-on of hands in biblical and post-biblical Jewish literature and in the Graeco-Roman world. Within this framework, he is able to consider the New Testament material dispassionately and in detail, asking appropriate theological questions about the significance of the practice in Christian tradition, but without seeking to press a particular denominational or party line. I know of no other work that does such a thorough job of laying out the biblical evidence within its historical framework, and I believe it will soon become a standard work of reference.

Pentru cei interesaţi de acest subiect, transcriu mai jos sumarul cărţii.

  • INTRODUCTION–The Hand as a Symbol of Power ,The Issue, Survey of Modern Scholarship on the Role of the Laying on of Hands in the New Testament, Statement of Purpose and Methodology, Delimitations.

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS IN THE JEWISH ENVIRONMENT–The Laying on of Hands in the Old Testament in Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, in the Qumran Literature, in Rabbinic Literature

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS IN THE GRAECO-ROMAN ENVIRONMENT–The Hellenistic Concept of Power, The Laying on of Hands in Healing, The Hands of Deities, Human Hands, The Laying on of Hands in Exorcism, The Laying on of Hands in the Installation of Officials, in Consecration.

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS IN HEALING–Recent Perspectives on the Role of LH/Touch in Healing, Jesus’ Use of the Hand in Healing, Exorcism by the Laying on of Hands, The Laying on of Hands and Healing Media, The Gesture for Healing in Light of the Old Testament Terminology, Parallels to Jesus’ and the Apostles’ Use of the Laying on of Hands in Healing

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS AS A MARK OF FAVOUR–The Blessing of the Children, The Disciples, The Gesture of Blessing in Light of the OT Terminology

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS FOR THE RECEPTION OF THE SPIRIT–Recent Perspectives on the Role of the LH in the Reception of the Spirit, Exegesis of Pertinent Passages in Acts, The Relationship between Baptism, LH and the Giving of the Spirit in Acts, The Significance of the LH in Luke’s Theology of the Spirit, Hebrew 6.2: An Elementary Doctrine, The Uniformity of the Christian Initiation Rite in the NT, The Origin of the LH as a Means of Imparting the Spirit

  • THE LAYING ON OF HANDS FOR COMMISSIONING AND ORDINATION–Commissioning/Ordination in Acts, Ordination/Commissioning in the Pastoral Epistles, The significance of the LH in appointment, The origin of the Christian rite of ordination, The uniformity of the rite in the primitive church


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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  1. Slava Domnului.. detin aceasta lucrare. Am gasito intr-o librarie in Iasi. Tare m-am bucurat. Cartea e foarte foarte buna..

    Mult Har..


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